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Mobile Development

We build completely custom mobile applications to insure your application is truly yours!  Whether you need an application for your business, or you just have a great money making idea, we will work with you to bring your idea to life!

Cross Platform Support

Building applications with support for both Apple and Android will reach over 95% of your audience!

Modern Web Design

A modern website is crisp, simple, and clean! Refreshing the look of your website will help to keep visitors on your site longer!  From full builds to providing consulting work, we are your team!




In the fall of 2014, two guys were sitting next to each other in an Intro to programming class, feeling apprehensive about the mountainous task of becoming a developer. A conversation began between them. They decided to be project partners. Throughout the year, they worked on many things together, harmonizing off each other in a symbiotic and complementary fashion. The way they worked together brought confidence and results much quicker than had they went on the path alone.

The friendship formed and continued even after graduation. After a couple of professional development jobs, the pair felt as though they could do more for themselves and for others. Enter Applicoding.

Applicoding was built off the principal that there are many people out there struggling to start or maintain business for others in this tech-inclusive environment. We believe our skills can be the canvas of the foundation of your beautiful masterpiece. Let's forge the path together!


We will remove obstacles while demanding success through a strong relentless desire to achieve security and minimize the uncertainty of the unknown.


Through the use of Microsoft's Xamarin platform, we utilize cutting edge technology that provides us with the ability to make cross-platform applications (Apple, Android) that utilize the same c# backend.


In other words, we build things for different platforms once. 

We also maximize our knowledge of what is the most transformative way to bring web applications to the internet. 

That being said, there isn't any technology that we aren't willing to try to master. 


Brenton Downey

Software Engineer

Hey! Been developing for 10 years. I specialize in back-end and behavior based development, I can guarantee that your application will work stunningly and be perfectly integrated with any needed services and or features!

Dante Carter

Mobile Developer

Hello! I’m Dante and I love creating. With my background in mobile, web and backend programming, I am eager to bring your ideas to life. I pride myself as being a charismatic, relatable tech professional! I started this business with my partner Brenton so we could make your dreams, as well as ours, come true.



Tel: 702-787-1644

176 E Beshoar Dr, Pueblo West, CO 81007



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Tel: 702-787-1644

176 E Beshoar Dr, Pueblo West, CO 81007

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